Sunday , January 22 2017
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With these tips you can eat up all your enemies: Agario is the simple but immensely addictive online game, probably slowly developed into the Office hit by an insider’s tip. It controls a small circle on a two-dimensional map and thus collect points. As a result, your district gaining size.

Agario Tips
Agario Tips

The Clou: Other human players do exactly the same thing. The only rule: large swallowed small. Who was eaten, is out. While the small circles in Agario nimble and maneuverable on the map move the large circles are rather cumbersome and slow. At Agario the top right you can see a top-ten of the currently largest circles of all players. With our Agario tips, you get the small circles, or escapes the really thick chunks.
To Play Agario, it simply calls the Agario Web page. Then forgive you a nickname and get started immediately. Use the options, so you may also still graphically personalize your district in Agario, if you want. With the mouse pointer, you determines the direction that moves your circle. Flying just over points, to swallow them. A certain size, you share your district in Agario by pressing the SPACEBAR.

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Online MultiPlayer Agario Play Game.

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