Sunday , January 22 2017
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Agario For Android and iOS

Agario is a small online multiplayer game, in which you’d join a cell through their lives. The aim of the game is to become bigger to eat other smaller cells, and at the end of the largest cell in the game to be. You gotta be careful however, because the larger cells do you also to their food.

You will start the game, you can select the name and then starts as a small cell in the game. The aim of the game is to “eat it” to take in size now as many smaller cells as possible and to eat more and more cells. You won the game, when one is the largest cell in the whole game.
Attack tactics, there is in addition the opportunity to throw off the own cell to parts or some mass to join speed.
That means the Network World editorial staff to Agario
Agario is a simple but yet interesting game. Just the easy control of the own cell gives this game a weird addiction potential. Also tension is played against real people, not a computer.

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