Sunday , January 22 2017
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Hello friends.
Every week the chance to win 50$. End of the week you need to do to get the highest score. Our highest scoring players will win 50$.
The winner will be decided on Sunday .
Time: 00:00 payment will be made after the announcement of the name.

payment will be via PayPal .

Terms & Conditions

1: Only registered players can participate.

2: Like our Facebook page who can participate.

3: Our Facebok page and can join those who share their own Facebook page. (Shares must be shared publicly for us to see the controls.)

4: The winner will be announced on our website and facebook page.

5: You must have a PayPal account in order to receive the prize. (The prize will be sent to your PayPal account.)

6: Participants reported that they should participate in the review.Subject to the bottom or facebok;I joined he can write.

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Online MultiPlayer Agario Play Game.

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